Tilt & Turn Windows

Our tilt and turn replacement windows are a good looking yet practical window which are similar to windows seen on the continent, combining modern styling with the ability to provide easy ventilation and cleaning options for your property.
They are simple to use, a quarter-turn of the handle opens the window partially by tilting it inwards from the top – ideal for ventilation yet still resists both rain and intruders(please be careful these may foul internal blinds). If you close it then give the handle another quarter-turn, the window opens fully from the side opening inwards– ensuring easy cleaning.And of course, out tilt and turn windows come with all the long life, low-maintenance and enhanced warmth and security of modern PVC-U windows


No problem! We can also provide solutions for non standard window shapes. You can have any sort of design including every type of round or square bays, to bow windows conversions providing a pleasing curved alternative to traditional flat frames. You can even have special shapes too – like round or circular windows, triangular shapes and every style of arch.
Window example 1 Window example 2


  • Full window design service so our products complement your home and lifestyle.
  • Internally glazed meaning your double glazing cannot be removed from the out side
  • Tailor made for your property
  • Available in five Standard Colour combinations
  • White, Rosewood & Rosewood on White, Antique Oak & Antique Oak on White
  • Specialist colours also available including Blue, Green, Black, Red, Grey...
  • 70mm Easy Fit System
  • Internally Beaded
  • Modern Fully Sculptured Design
  • Low Line Gasketing
  • Co Extruded Bubblex weather Sealing
  • 28mm Double Glazed Units
  • Tilt first locking as standard
  • Key Locking Handle
  • Tilt Safe Locking Handles available
  • Low "E" double glazed 28mm units giving excellent heat and noise insulation
  • Weather proofed double draught proofed profile
  • Enhanced security features
  • Fully compliant with the latest Building Regulations.
  • Low Maintenance UPVC

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